Kamis, 23 Mei 2024

Inviting company leaders to the Mentawir nursery, Jokowi explains about Forest City


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President Joko Widodo invited a number of company leaders to visit the Mentawir Nursery, North Penajam Paser Regency, East Kalimantan Province, Thursday, November 2 2023.

President Jokowi and company leaders walked through the nursery while explaining about the nursery and the development of the Indonesian Capital City (IKN) Nusantara.

“This is what I often tell you, that we want to build a green Kalimantan and IKN Nusantara forest city, so we will start with this,” said Jokowi to company leaders while inspecting the seedlings there.

President Jokowi explained that the Government is working to develop the IKN Nusantara area as a forest city and green Kalimantan. This effort began by building a nursery that was able to provide tree seeds in large quantities. The Mentawir nursery is capable of producing up to 15 million seedlings per year.

Furthermore, Jokowi explained that various varieties of plant seeds in the nursery were prepared to be planted later in the IKN area. “We are preparing it and will plant it later at IKN Nusantara,” he said.

Various varieties of plant seeds in the Mentawir Nursery are prepared for later planting in the IKN area. Apart from that, these seeds will also be distributed throughout the Kalimantan region as part of efforts to restore the environment through reforestation.

With the support of the supply of plant seeds from the Mentawir Nursery, IKN Nusantara will later become a new, greener capital city. ***

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